Sterilizing the media reservoir and growth chamber.

The growth chamber and air scrubber are assembled together with most of the media and waste tubing and sterilized together. The media reservoir is pre-assembled and sterilized as well. Both of these components can be sterilized well in advance.

Optionally, the media reservoir and growth chamber can be pre-connected and sterilized together. This avoids the need to connect any tubing after sterilization, but moving the fully assembled system can be awkward.

Filling the media reservoir.

The media reservoir can be filled in advance and stored as appropriate for the specific liquid media used in the experiment. The media reservoir can also be refilled during operation, and the media source can be switched between reservoirs to change culture conditions.

Starting a turbidostat culture.

Once the growth chamber is sterilized and the media reservoir is filled, the turbidostat can be assembled, filled, and inoculated to begin a continuous culture.

Dissassembly and cleanup.

After operation, the turbidostat is disassembled and washed.