Guides v1

The v1 guide RNA library was designed according to empirical data regarding effective guides for yeast CRISPRi using dCas9-Mxi.

Guide-to-target assignments

The library_v1/sequence-good-targets.txt file provides a table of the 61,094 guides in the Ingolia lab v1 guide library, along with information about target genes. In this table,

Degenerate guides

A small fraction of guides are degenerate, meaning that they target non-unique sequences that occur in multiple places in the genome. These degenerate guides have DEGEN in their Guide name. For these degenerate guides, the sequence-good-targets.txt table lists information about one genomic target location. The library_v1/sequence-redundant-targets.txt table gives similar information about other genomic targets. The redundant targets table has the same information as the main table of good targets, and with an additional column DegenGuide that gives the guide name in the main sequence-good-targets.txt table.